5 Extremely Canadian Pictures

April 13, 2017 | by: Chris Pride

There are a few things that make Canada unique.  Our politeness, our respect for the majestic beaver and of course our love of all things hockey and Timmy’s.  Here’s 5 extremely Canadian pictures.

A Beaver & A Canadian Goose @ Tim Hortons


What’s more Canadian than our most majestic animals crushing some double doubles?


A Sign About Poutine @ A Hockey Game


It was a Canadian overload during the 2015 World JR Hockey Championships as Canada played our most heated hockey rival; the dreaded Russians.  This fan’s sign game was on point that day.  Not only is it a sign @ a hockey game, they also found a way to work poutine into the mix.  FYI: Canada won that game.


Canadian Riot


We’ve all seen the meme claiming this to be the biggest riot in Canadian history.  Let’s be honest, that’s probably not the case BUT, the fact that this person chose to write “I am a little upset” on a sign they brought to a protest is an incredibly Canadian thing to do, not to mention the parka…


Canadian Police Officer Engages in Gun Fight… A Water Gun Fight


This picture just came at the absolute perfect time.  While our neighbors to the South had a general distrust of their police we in Canada engaged in a water gun fight with ours.

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