5 GIFs to help Connor McDavid with his new $13.25 Million contract

June 29, 2017 | by: Chris Pride

Okay Connor McDavid, first congratulations.  Not only did your Edmonton Oilers finally make the playoffs, but you won a lot of individual awards this season.

In fact, you had such a good year that you just signed an 8 year contract that will see you earn an average of $13.25 million a season!

giphy-downsized (12)

Control yourself Connor!  You’re about to become the highest paid hockey player in the NHL.  Take a cue from another “Connor Mc” who’s also the highest paid athlete in his sport!

giphy-downsized (1)

You can learn a lot from your Irish-MMA counterpart, Conor McGregor!  And you’d do well if you can find your baller mode.

giphy (3)

Okay, now that it’s out of your system, remember, you’re a hockey player!  Act like you’ve been there before.

giphy-downsized (10)

Even though inside you’re all

giphy (4)

Congrats Connor, you’ve certainly earned it.


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