6% of Canadians will dump you if you put pineapple on your pizza

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February 23, 2018 | by: Chris Pride

It’s been said that people disappoint but pizza is eternal. That adage is being put to the test with the release of the Pizza/Love Index, a Leger poll where 1,591 Canadian residents weighed in on pizza, love and slice-etiquette conducted for Little Caesars of Canada.

 Six-in-10 Canadians polled (59%), have some type of relationship deal breaker when it comes to pizza, but one-in three have no pizza/love limits at all.
Respondents were asked “Which of the following would be a relationship deal breaker when it comes to how your date eats pizza?” Eating pizza in bed was the top choice at 18%. Closely behind was anchovies on pizza at 17%.
Here were the remainder of responses:
•          Picks the cheese off was a deal breaker for 10% (Foretelling dating doomsday for the lactose intolerant and picky eaters alike)
•          Eats pizza with a knife and fork was a deal breaker for 8% (A major faux pas in purist circles)
•          Uses too much garlic dipping sauce 7% (A surefire way to become unkissable)
•          Puts pineapple on pizza 6% (Perhaps putting a rest to the longstanding argument surrounding the merits of Hawaiian pizza)
•          Doesn’t eat the crust 6% (Have you actually eaten pizza if you don’t eat the crust?)
•          Eats it cold 4% (Breakfast of lazy Canadians)
Do you have any relationship deal breakers when it comes to pizza?

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