6 Things from last night’s Superbowl

February 5, 2018 | by: Chris Pride

From amazing selfies to amazing plays to even more amazing chicken wings.  Here’s 6 things from last night’s Super Bowl!

Nick Foles is basically Rocky now

Philadelphia QB Nick Foles started the year as the team’s back up QB but after an injury to CJ Wentz found himself thrust into the starter’s job during the playoffs.  The rookie QB proved up to task by going toe-to-toe with Pats QB Tom Brady and not only winning but being named the games MVP.

Justin Timberlake made this kid’s night

jt selfie

During his halftime performance Justin Timberlake jumped into the crowd and gave a young fan a memory… and selfie he’ll never forget.  In typical 2018 fashion, afterward the kid immediately went to social media… While JT was still performing next to him.



Even though he lost, Tom Brady is still awesome


It may not have been his greatest game but Pats QB Tom Brady fought tooth and nail to keep his team in it right till the very end.

These Chicken Wings

Your boy made some bacon wrapped chicken wiiiings! #Superbowl

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While Nick Foles might have Philly’s MVP, these bacon wrapped chicken wings were mine.  After finding the recipe for blog last week; 8 Recipes You’ll Want For The Superbowl, I decided to give’em a shot and for the first time I didn’t commit a pinterest fail.


Justin Timberlake sang with a hologram


JT paid tribute to the late Prince by including a hologram of the legendary singer during his halftime performance.  While the performance was intriguing, according to some sources, it’s not at all something Prince would have actually condoned.

Apparently when asked if he would ever perform alongside a hologram Prince responded by saying “That’s the most demonic thing imaginable.”


The presentation of the Vince Lombardi trophy

Every sport has traditions for presenting their championship trophy but few compare to the way the NFL does theirs.  They had a representative from Minnesota carry the Vince Lombardi trophy up to the Eagles owner on stage.

Along the way Eagles players, staffers and their families touched, kissed or simply cried (check the guy at 15 seconds balling).  It’s a cool moment where you get to see genuine among pro-athletes.


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