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January 28, 2020 | by: Chris Pride

A Mom’s Instagram Video Saves Another’s Baby From Choking

photo credit: YouTube screen shot

Given that most of Instagram is filled with benign selifes and pictures of avocado toast you might not think that it’s possible for the social media to save a life.  But that’s exactly what happened recently.  Shelby Dunnam told Good Morning America that when her child was choking she remembered a video from mom / nurse Shannon Tripp and was able to save her child’s life.

“I look over and her face was turning blue and she was trying to gasp for air but she couldn’t. She looked frantic. So in that moment, I completely panicked,” Dunnam told Good Morning America.  But she said suddenly, “I realized I knew what to do,” thanks to a video on Instagram from ER nurse Shannon Tripp.

For her part, Tripp said she posted the video after her 9 month old son accidentally got hold of a hard candy began choking.  She recounted that she gave him back blow after back blow until the hard candy was shot out of her son’s mouth.  According to Tripp, her next thought was that a mom who isn’t a nurse might not have known what to do.  So she uploaded the video below afterward.