September 26, 2018 | by: Chris Pride

Brett Kissel drank a cocktail with a “mummified toe” in it

“It was without question, one of the creepiest things I’ve ever done” that was Brett Kissel’s recollection of what he described as “a night of debauchery” in Dawson City, Yukon.  The CCMA & Juno award winner went up North and tried a special cocktail with Yukon Jack whiskey and bits of a legit severed, mummified human toe.  Kissel shared some of the experience in tweet which is posted below.

He also told me more about the toe’s nasty hangover when we caught up ahead of his October 3rd concert in Charlottetown.  “I’m still recovering a little bit from all that whiskey up in the Yukon” the We Were That Song singer admitted.  He likened the Sour Toe cocktail to getting screeched in Newfoundland.  He also mentioned that his trip to PEI will include a memorable night but for slightly different reasons.

“Is that restaurant Sim’s still in Charlottetown?” he asked, “it’s one of my favourite restaurants in Canada.  We may, just may, save our drinking so we can have one good night out at Sims!”

Kissel also talked about his kids.  The proud dad of 2 (with one on the way) brought both of his girls to the CCMA awards in September.  “A lot of the other artists have become like aunts & uncles to our kids and I kind of encourage other artists to do that… It’s our big weekend you know it’s our big awards show so I’m really thankful that my wife and kids… can share in these big moments.”  He said.

Although, it was not without incident.  “One of my daughters, struck up a conversation with Shania Twain while she was in the middle of an interview and then my other daughter decided she was gonna play with Terri Clark’s hat.”  Kissel admitted.  However it seems the artists enjoyed seeing the whole Kissel clan on the red carpet.  Especially considering that Brett & his wife armed them with roses.

“My wife had a really great idea… We gave each of our daughters 7 or 8 roses to go hand out…  So our little girls were running around the rep carpet just handing out roses to all the handsome men and all the pretty girls.”  Kissel conceded all the credit for this idea to his wife.

Kissel dropped his latest album “We Were That Song” last December and says that he was inspired to write songs that will be fun to play live.  “When I was recording I wanted to make sure that these were song that I could do live and that these were song that people could sing along too and that had a drive to them in the choruses.”  You’ll get to see that drive October 3rd when Brett Kissel performs at the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown.

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