Climate Change study says PEI to get warmer weather but worse storms

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April 9, 2018 | by: Chris Pride

photo cred: Toronto Star


According to the CBC, Islanders are in for some hot nights and wild storms.  A new study from the Prairie Climate Change Centre says Charlottetown will average several degrees warmer in all months.  It will also be wetter in all months, especially the winter and spring ones.


The warmer days will be great for bikini sales as well as Island tourism, although the much warmer nights will be way less fun and may make sleeping unbearable without an air conditioner.

The report also warns that the warmer weather won’t be all beach parties and margaritas either.  “A warmer climate may lead to more extreme weather, including even more intense rain and snowfalls, flash floods, high winds, and more damaging hurricanes,” the authors of the report wrote.

Earlier this month the CBC revealed results of a survey on climate change.  According to the survery 2 thirds of Canadians believe climate change is mostly caused by humans and industry.

Despite most Canadians believing in the science of climate change a whopping 42% believe the carbon taxes are designed to generate revenue and not change behavior.

Here on the Island the government is still working on a Climate Change Action Plan and are welcoming the public’s feedback through email:

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