Dad Forces Dog Owner to Pick Up After Her Dog with Bare Hands

April 12, 2017 | by: Chris Pride

An irate homeowner finally had enough with his neighbor and her dog in a viral video.  He saw her twice let her chihuahua poop on his property without picking it up.


Of course, after the second time he clearly had enough and confronted her.

poop lady

At first the woman defended her actions by claiming it’s only a chihuahua.  Not impressed, the homeowner reminded her that he has kids and when he steps in the dog poop, he’ll bring it into the house and “the kids are rolling around it!”

The woman didn’t even get much support from her boyfriend.  In a classic, fight for my honour move she asked him “are you gonna let him talk to me like that?”  Unfortunately, even her bf was on the home owner’s side responding “I told you to pick it up.”

poop bf

So outnumbered the woman bent over to pick up the poop only stopping to ask the homeowner for a bag.  Now I assume he probably did have bags at the house but at this point why would you worry about someone’s comfort who clearly has no concern for yours?  So he said no, forcing her to pick it up with….  bare hands.

poop pick up

Here’s the full video… Caution!  There’s some naughty language.

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