Do mom’s have a secret stash of snacks? Poll says; yes, yes they do.

secret stash
February 27, 2018 | by: Chris Pride


Have you ever bought some snacks for the whole family and then thought, “maybe I’ll save some of these for later” ?  Or maybe you’ve thought there were more snacks in the cupboard until Mom went in there…

Either way, it turns out you’re not alone.  According to Fox News a new poll suggests that 60% of moms have a secret stash of snacks, 73% admit to having a snack in secret.  But the most revealing stat is 58% of moms say they aren’t embarrassed by their habits.  This suggests that most mom’s are secretly eating simply to enjoy their favourite foods in some peace and quiet.

Why shouldn’t they?  Moms work hard and let’s be honest, if they didn’t save some goodies for themselves would it save some for them?

Now it’s YOUR call.. Do you have a secret stash?

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