Does Charlottetown need a new arena?

January 8, 2018 | by: Chris Pride

Last month the City of Charlottetown released a report from a special task force designated to determine the viability of building a new arena in Charlottetown.

The report, recommended demolishing Simmons arena, re-purposing Cody Banks arena and re-designating Eastlink Centre as a community ice-rink.  It also recommended building a Multi Use Sports & Entertainment Centre (MUSEC) with 2 ice pads.  One would be a 5,000 seat rink used for major events.  The other would be only 400 – 500 seats for additional community needs.

What’s the cost of building this MUSEC?  The city estimates it between 70 – 80 MILLION dollars!  According to The Guadrian, Charlottetown city council has begun look into securing funding from the provincial and federal levels of government as well as the ALC, harness racing industry and other partners.

Today on Pride in the Morning we ask, does the city really need a new hockey arena?  Post a comment or call 902-566-5900 to weigh in.

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