August 30, 2018 | by: Chris Pride

Female tennis player given court violation for changing shirt

photo cred: Yahoo


It seems like everyday another story pops up of a woman getting in trouble for doing something innocent.  Usually it’s a stuffy old person complaining about the way she dressed.  Today, it’s the stuffy old US Open.  One of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world is being accused of upholding a sexist double standard.

Due to the heat, players have been allowed to leave the court in between sets.  French player Alize Cornet while rehydrating off court also decided to change her sweaty clothes.  Although when she got back to the court, she realized that she actually put her shirt on backwards.  Instead of running off court to just quickly turn her shirt around, she did so on the court.  Which evidently is a big no-no as she handed a court violation.

Cornet has called the decision a sexist double standard and commentators on the Tennis Channel criticized the decision as well.  Hear their comments and see the “heinous” act which took all of 10 seconds in the video below.

According to BuzzFeed others took to twitter to point out that male players often sit shirtless in plain view.

Earlier the US Open banned Serena Williams from wearing an outfit that covered up practically her entire body.

What do you think, should Alize Cornet have been given a violation or is this just silly?