Garth Brooks lip synch battle with Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton

November 14, 2017 | by: Chris Pride

So it turns out when 2017 CMA Entertainer of the year Garth Brooks jumped on stage during the CMA’s to perform… He was only kinda performing.  The singer has since admitted that this performance was in fact lip syncing.

According to the Washington Post Garth told reporters that after doing 12 shows in 10 days his voice was shot and he was concerned about putting on the best show possible.

That however caused a debate in country music circles where they’ve prided themselves on being real.  Singer Anderson East was the first to weigh in.

Anderson’s girlfriend Miranda Lambert replied to his tweet in agreement.


Interestingly, Miranda’s ex-husband Blake Shelton also decided to weigh in on the debate, choosing instead to support Garth.

So too did Randy Travis.

Although his choosing to lip synch on a night when he was named Entertainer of the Year is a little disappointing, ultimately he chose to preserve his voice for the people who have paid for tickets to see him in concert which does say a thing or two about his commitment to fans.

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