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July 11, 2019 | by: Chris Pride

Is Jason Mamoa being body shamed?

Pictures of Jason Mamoa on vacation have gone viral.  The Aquaman actor has received criticism for the lack of definition in his abs.  Some fans even went as far as calling it a dad bod.

Luckily, rational, logical thinking managed to take over as many of his fans came to his defense pointing out that keeping a perfectly toned body requires extreme dieting including very little carbs and water.  Some even called the criticism of Mamoa’s body, body shaming.

As the proud owner of one myself, I’d hope what Jason Mamoa has is not at all considered a dad-bod… Otherwise what in the name of sweet Jesus am I rocking?  Either way, have a scroll through the tweets of Kal Drogo’s fans and of course, ogle the pictures if you must.