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January 14, 2020 | by: Chris Pride

It’s official, Prince Harry & Meghan are moving to Canada

You wouldn’t think that moving out of your parents house would require a family meeting, but for the Royal Family, that’s just the way it is… After announcing their intentions to become financially independent and step down from the Royal Family, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have the support of the Queen.

In a statement released Monday, Queen Elizabeth II said the family had “very constructive” conversations and they are “entirely supportive” of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. She noted that the family would have “preferred” they remain full-time members, but understands the couple’s wish to live a more independent life.

She also let the cat out of the bag that her grandson and his family will be splitting their time in the UK and Canada.  While the Queen didn’t specify where in Canada they’ll be living, Toronto or Vancouver are probably good bets.  But you never know… Harry’s brother Will and his wife Kate seemed to have a good time right here in PEI when they visited in 2011.

The next question becomes who will pay to keep the Sussex’s safe while in Canada?  Some have suggested Canadian tax payers may foot the bill.  According to CTV, Finance Minister Bill Morneau says “We obviously are always looking to make sure that as a member of the Commonwealth, that we play a role. We have not had any discussions on that subject at this time.”