August 20, 2018 | by: Chris Pride

James Barker Band’s success “more than we ever expected”


“Wait, we can’t really say beer three times can we?” That was Bobby Martin of the James Barker Band recounting what he thought while recording the band’s breakout hit Lawn Chair Lazy before he eventually lamented  “alright let’s just do it!”

Martin wasn’t the only one who had apprehensions about the single either.  When I caught up with the guys in July, they half jokingly – half seriously said they didn’t expect it to be a hit.  “This isn’t gonna work, it’s not gonna go.”  Connor Stephen joked.

But according to Taylor Abram they did have slightly higher hopes “when we released Lawn Chair, I remember going into it, collectively, [thinking] top 50 would be so cool!”  The song eventually peaked at number 3 on the Canadian country charts which Abram admitted is “more than we ever expected.”

“It’s a weird feeling” the band’s namesake James Barked said, referring to the process of releasing singles.  The band’s frontman admitted that playing a new song for people can be a daunting feeling.  “I think it sounds dope… But are other people going to think it sounds dope?”  He said grinning.

It may be weird to think of the James Barker Band being nervous about releasing new music but it really wasn’t all that long ago that the band was travelling around in a Subaru Forrester.  “You wouldn’t believe how many people and how much gear you can fit into a Subaru Forrester.”  Barker said.  Today the band travels by way of tour bus, at least when they’re in Canada.

“We’ve been doing a big push in the states and up here we have a tour bus and all that stuff, we go down to the states and we play in a tiny bar, we’re in a minivan and a hotel that has no sheets on the bed.”  Laughed Barker.  Of course, me being me, I couldn’t ask about their travel habits without inquiring about the smell of their tour bus.  While they didn’t go into to much detail, Connor Stephen seemed to mirror the chorus of Lawn Chair Lazy “the other bus smells like beer because we left a bunch of cases of beer in there all winter.”

Watch the interview below.