Jennifer Lawrence offended, that people are offended by this dress

February 22, 2018 | by: Chris Pride


No one can ever accuse Jennifer Lawrence of not suffering for her art.  The Oscar winning actress, who’s been vocal about equal pay and eliminating sexism in Hollywood was defended recently over something that she didn’t want to be defended against.

Allow me to explain, in her new movie Red Sparrow, J Law plays a Russian spy.  Recently she took some press photos with her male co-stars on a roof top in an extremely cold weather.  It was so cold in fact that her male co-stars all wore coats yet there she was in a low-cut, black Versace dress with a slit up one leg.


Immediately the internet jumped into action calling the photo sexist!  Why would her male co-stars be allowed to look warm while she was forced to wear a revealing dress?  Well according Lawrence, because she wanted to!


In a post to her Facebook page Lawrence called the controversy “utterly ridiculous” and even went as far as to say “this is not feminism.”  She went on to clarify that wearing the dress was her decision and that she “would have stood in the snow for that dress.”

Truthfully, I don’t blame her, I would have stood in the snow to see her in that dress!


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