April 9, 2019 | by: Chris Pride

Music Tuesday: Aaron Goodvin named his latest album after his wife

Canadian singer songwriter, Aaron Goodvin’s latest album is called V.  V, is the nickname he has for his wife Victoria.  So naturally, when I caught up with Aaron I had to ask if he was just sucking up or not.  Turns out, many of the songs were actually inspired by the woman herself.  But seeing as how the album came out the day after Valentines Day he did admit “I didn’t buy her flowers this year but I did name my record after her..”

While on the phone Aaron, who just signed a record deal in the US, talked about success in the states.  “My dreams have always been really really big” the singer/songwriter said while lamenting about how his Canadian success has been a huge part of achieving his dreams “I’m completely 100% focused in Canada and it’s actually led to a lot of the success I’ve had in the US.”

Have a listen to the full interview below: