April 2, 2019 | by: Chris Pride

Music Tuesday: Aaron Grain of Washboard Union, the guy with no beard

Aaron Grain is known to Canadian country music fans as the lead singer of The Washboard Union or perhaps more commonly, the guy in the band without a big beard.  While his bandmates David Roberts & Chris Duncombe have beard games that most would consider “on point,” Grain says of his facial hair; “I can just pinch it with my fingertips.”

When Aaron called me up for Music Tuesday, I had to ask him about his beard game “I’ve been pushing for many many years to catch up to those guys and I’m pretty sure one of these days it’s just gonna pop right out” he jokingly suggested later referring to his bandmates as “the guild of giving up.”

But it’s all good for the blue grass trio with amazing harmonies.  They just won the Juno award for Breakthrough Group of the Year and dropped a new single called She Gets Me.  Grain describes the new single as a love song with an Iron Maiden inspired driving beat.

Listen to the full interview below, during our chat Aaron & I talked about crushing shellfish in Point Prim, which band member spends the most time on their beard and which is more awkward, breaking up with a girlfriend or a band?

AND!!  Check out the music video for Washboard Union’s new single She Gets Me.