May 21, 2019 | by: Chris Pride

Music Tuesday: Ivan Daigle

This week PEI singer songwriter Ivan Daigle joined me in studio.  Ivan is a busy guy with shows all over the Island the spring & summer.  A veteran musician and bar performer Ivan says he doesn’t always what he’s going to play next when you see him perform.

“It really is an audience feel, I’ll kinda look out and decide if folks are younger than men, around the same age me or older and then I can just tailor my show because I’ll go through the entire night without a set list.”

As a country performer Ivan isn’t so quick to judge other country artists saying “I decide what’s country in my head or my heart and it’s difficult to argue with success.”  While he was here Ivan played an original song that he had originally with the Larry Wayne Clark titled The Things You Should Really Drink Too.  Have a listen to the full interview & performance below.