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November 5, 2019 | by: Chris Pride

Online shopper gets “creepy” call from Wayfair

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

While it’s common knowledge that the websites and apps we use collect our information, it’s still surprising when we find out just how much they know about us.  A woman on Twitter went viral after sharing her story that online shopping site, Wayfair called her while she was browsing the site.

According to Ariel Dumas, the rep from Wayfair called her about what she was looking at “it was a Wayfair employee saying they noticed I was browsing their website so happy creepy Halloween I guess.”  Dumas did admit that once she told the customer service rep how creepy it was for him to call her, he immediately apologized.

Dumas tweeted “It was a young man who was clearly like doing this as part of his job and I explained to him how uncomfortable it made me feel and he apologized several times and sounded honestly very sorry!”

According to Fox News, Wayfair said they have experimented with making outbound calls but denied that those calls are based on current activity.