November 8, 2018 | by: Chris Pride

RCMP: “we mean it, do not pass school buses with red flashing lights!”

Queens District RCMP take the safety of our children seriously. Officers have been diligently following school buses and patrolling school zones in the mornings and afternoons when bus traffic is at it’s peak. In some cases, officers have been purposely following busses in particular areas of Queens County – maybe you have seen them as you commute to work. Good.

The travelling public have been extra eyes for us as we do this important work and we appreciate the assistance. In Queens District, we have received information and two of these calls have resulted in charges against drivers in the last two weeks.

Two drivers have been charged with passing a school bus with the red lights flashing – a ticket that typically carries the fine of $1000.00 (to a maximum of $5,000) and 8 points on the demerit point system!

The first driver, a 28 year-old man from Springvale, was charged after passing a school bus on Route 2 in Springvale on October 25th. A child was crossing the road at the time the driver passed the bus but fortunately was not struck by the vehicle.

The second driver, a 19 year-old man from Charlottetown, was charged after passing a bus on Route 6 in Brackley, on October 31st. A child was about to cross the road but the bus driver was able to alert the child to stop as the vehicle went through his lights.

This driving behaviour is very concerning to Queens District RCMP, and no doubt to most responsible drivers on Prince Edward Island. Call out bad driving when you see it and maybe you can save a life of a child. If you drive, know your responsibilities around this priviledge and slow down, follow driving rules and think of others and the horrible impact it would make to strike a pedestrian… a child. Consider the impact it will have – to them and to YOU because your life will never be the same either.

RCMP thank the assistance received and encourage others to call when they witness these offences occur.