September 25, 2018 | by: Chris Pride

The Philadelphia Flyers have introduced the scariest mascot ever


Picking a mascot for a sports team is tricky business.  On one hand, you’d like your mascot to be cute and approachable to your younger fans but you still want something strong to be the face of your franchise.

Well, credit the Philadelphia Flyers, their new mascot certainly strikes fear into the hearts of many.  Albeit, for all the wrong reasons.  Meet Gritty, introduced yesterday in the video below.

The giant Muppet has a rotund frame with a ZZ Top beard and eyes that bug out of his head and right into your nightmares.  A fact that the mascot’s twitter account seemed to acknowledge with the gif they tweeted below.

Are the Philadelphia Flyers trolling their fans with this, um… troll?  Only time will tell I guess but for now have fun trying to unsee what may just be the most terrifying mascot in all of sports.