This 1 year old has hair like a troll and couldn’t be happier

June 30, 2017 | by: Chris Pride

photo cred: NY Post


Some people claim their hair is impossible to comb but a 1 year old has actually been diagnosed with a disorder rendering her hair uncombable!

Phoebe Braswell, from Smithfield, North Carolina, is one of an estimated 100 children worldwide with a documented case of Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

The condition — thought to have been the cause of Albert Einstein’s wild locks — impairs the protein that gives hair its shape and strength. The hair follicles are also kidney-shaped instead of round.


But ask Phoebe what she thinks of her hair and she’ll tell you she loves it!  Why?  Because Phoebe’s favourite movie is Trolls and her hair reminds her of her favourite troll; Poppy.


Unfortunately to others who don’t understand the disorder, Phoebe’s hair simply looks messy.

“We were in the grocery store once and a lady said, ‘She is going to hate you when she looks at her baby photos because you let her go out in public like that,’” Her mother Jamie recalled.

“It’s hard for me to anticipate that people might make nasty comments, but I am going to teach her that we are all different in every way and it doesn’t matter,” she added.

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