This 10 yearold PEI boy was bumped from an overbooked flight

April 17, 2017 | by: Chris Pride

We all understand consumerism.  When a consumer gives a company their money, the expectation is that they’ve kept up their end of the bargain and it’s on the company to provide the goods or services promised.

Unfortunately for an Island family from Stratford that wasn’t exactly the case.  When Shanna & Brett Doyle spent thousands on a trip to Costa Rica, they expected Air Canada to save them a seat.  However, as the CBC reports, the airline told the family that the ticket belonging to their 10 year old son Cole had been bumped due to the airline’s overbooking of the flight.

In an even more bizarre turn of events, when the family asked if one of the adults could give up their seat so 10 year old Cole could travel with the rest of the family, the Airline wouldn’t guarantee that the seat would be given to Cole instead of a more “frequent flyer.”

In the end the family arranged for Cole & his father to fly out of Moncton.  Unfortunately that flight was cancelled, rerouting the pair to Halifax where they finally flew out to Costa Rica.  The extra travel costed the family roughly an extra $1000.  Air Canada told the family they can submit their expenses for compensation and also offered them an e-voucher for future travel.

While overbooking a flight is a pretty common practice this the second time in recent weeks that a story has gone viral of an airline seeming unreasonable to paying customers.  Last week a man was physically dragged off an United Airlines flight.


On Friday, United announced a change in policy, that all commuting staff & crew members would have to look into a flight 60 minutes prior to departure.

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