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February 11, 2021 | by: jolene

Valentine’s Day Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget

It doesn’t take a ton of money to make your sweetie swoon. A little effort can go a long way and here are some ideas for you!

• Bake cookies instead of buying expensive chocolates: Not only are homemade cookies cheap and delicious, but they’ll show you really put an effort into prepping for Valentine’s Day. Get a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

• Look for restaurant discounts online: Plenty of upscale restaurants offer coupons and discounted gift cards that can be purchased online.

• Cook dinner instead of going out: A homemade dinner is a romantic way to show you care. Grab some candles and make the perfect playlist to make it a romantic night in.

• Plan your day together: A lot of the pressure about Valentine’s Day comes from being unsure of your significant other’s expectations. Making plans together can be just as romantic as planning a surprise.

• Enjoy the great outdoors: Go for a hike or a sunset walk. It’s a peaceful Valentine’s option that’ll let you avoid packed restaurants and spend quality time together.
• Turn the phone off: The simple act of unplugging our devices can help make the day feel a little more special. Unplugging will let you and your beloved focus on each other, without distractions, no matter what activity you choose.

• Recreate your first date: Whether you’re re-watching the movie you went to see on your first date, or re-visiting the spot where you first met, recreating a relationship highlight is a fun and romantic way to celebrate.