What’s more likely to kill you, selfies or sharks?

April 4, 2018 | by: Chris Pride


According to the people at PetaPixel death by way of selfie has become an increasingly bigger risk.  Since 2014 some 49 people have perished while trying to snap the perfect pic of themselves.

Now even though selifes are popular among both men and women, it seems that men are ones more likely to stupidly take a dangerous selfie.  By a good margin too..  According to the study, 75% of selfie deaths are male with the average age being 21.

The study goes on to find that most selfie deaths occur by the self-photog falling from an extremely high height followed closely by those who drowned while / after taking selfies.

Surprisingly selfie-related-gun-shot deaths were relatively low as were car crash and grenade deaths.

But the real question is, what’s more dangerous, selfies… or sharks?  Turns out, the answer is selfies.  Check the chart below.


According to Priceonomics, more die each year in selfie-related deaths than shark attacks.  28 people a year die while taking selfies where as our toothy friends only take 8 lives away a year.

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