When should you change your summer tires? - Blog - CFCY
March 25, 2021 | by: jolene

When should you change your summer tires?

We’re coming to that point in the year that is a big question mark for many: Should I put the summer tires on now, or wait a few weeks? Because for many, March is a transitional season, where one can experience both winter-like conditions and decidedly spring-like conditions, with gusts to summer-like in some areas.

So, how do you make the call? Doug Annett, director of operations for SafeRoads Canada, says you should wait until temperatures are expected to remain at 7°C (45°F) or higher. Why? Winter tires are engineered to give improved grip from that temperature on down, but once the temperature is higher, you’ll experience a dramatic drop-off in performance and increased tire wear with cold weather tires. So hold off until the temperature remains above that 7 degree mark…even at night.