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February 18, 2021 | by: jolene

Why Winter is Wonderful

I think we all have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the white stuff, but would you really want to live somewhere where there isn’t ANY winter? I think you’d miss it but since we’re here smack dap in the middle of it let me remind you why this season can be great.

1. Let it snow

Snow is just SO beautiful: you just can’t beat the look of a field with acres of freshly fallen snow, tall trees with limbs heavily coated, or the way the sun glitters off a frozen lake.

2. Hit the slopes

From large hill to small knoll every surface in winter can become a playground. Whether you ski, snowboard, skate or sled you can have a blast any day, any time.

3. Layer away

You can basically wear all of your clothes at once, wrap yourself in comfy scarves, or show off your fuzzy slippers. It’s just Cozy!

4. Eat all the Comfort food

Fill your stomach with warm soups, roasted chestnuts, and sugar cookies made with cinnamon. Winter has defined comfort food and when has comfort food ever been a bad thing? (Never.)

5. Forget dieting

There is no need for a beach body in the winter time so your diet can be what people in fitness circles call “carb loading,” and that’s okay because your body actually craves this naturally: the fatter you are, the warmer you are and then, natural selection won’t come after you. Evolution is awesome!

6. Don’t worry about shaving

Winter doesn’t mean that you have to be as fuzzy as your feline friends, but socks and all kinds of layers camouflage a less regular shaving schedule. It’s science, y’all: hair is what helps you stay warm.

7. Relax in Hot Tubs 

Do you really enjoy a hot tub in the summer? No. Hot tub plus cold night equals perfection. Until you get out – then you gotta hustle!

8. Sweat no more

Unless you’re in the gym doing it on purpose who likes sweating? no one. end of point.

9. Breathe in The Freshest air

Winter air in the best for taking a deep breath; it makes you feel alive and invigorated! Then watch how big a stream of breath you get when you let it go.

10. And celebrate that there are no bugs

No mosquitos, no wasps, no earwigs. Need I say more? WINTER RULES!!